Where’s the Block?

By Dr. Michael Roth

I believe that we all have the power to change, to grow, to move from an old way of being into a new way of being in our lives.  Every day in my holistic chiropractic office I work with people who are suffering with chronic pain.  They have been to many doctors, have spent large amounts of money on prescription drugs, remedies and devices to alleviate their pain, all to no avail. They are stressed and unhappy.

Using muscle response testing, the first thing I ask them to say is, “I am OK having my pain be gone” or “I am OK getting out of pain.” Usually, the muscle checking indicates that their mind-body system is NOT in congruence with the concept of being pain-free.  This tells me that there is a hidden belief that is sabotaging their efforts to heal.

How can this be, you ask? Why would someone unconsciously be holding on to his or her chronic pain? Somewhere, there is a payoff to keeping the pain—perhaps to get more attention directed their way, to have less responsibility, to not have to make decisions, etc. There is a blind spot that is unconsciously keeping them from healing. The emotional component is so powerful as to block the healing that is being applied to the physical body.

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How we value ourselves, our beliefs about our self-worth, can be a factor blocking healing. If we don’t think we are worthy enough to be whole and healthy, we have created a block. If we are under constant stress, from pollutants in air and water, traffic jams, over-packed schedules, eating unnatural and over-processed foods our bodies weren’t built to digest, the demands of work and family, financial obligations and so on, this stress can severely reduce our ability to live life with grace, ease and power, and to heal our bodies.

There may be chemical stressors on our system that are blocking healing. Whether they are prescribed, over-the-counter, or otherwise, drugs introduce toxic ingredients to our body’s organic system. If we’ve lived a lifetime ingesting chemicals, we’ve been compromising our body’s capacity for healing. Not only do inorganic chemical compounds mess with our physical system, they can play havoc on our energetic wiring, our emotions and the way our mind processes information.

In the over 20 years that I have worked with the mind-body connection, I have found that holding on to bitterness or resentments, or in any way being unable to forgive one’s self or others is a major block to healing of any kind. When we forgive, the energy to heal is released and flows more freely.

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No amount of healers in the world can help us if we don’t allow it. Belief is mighty. Belief moves mountains and changes lives – for better or worse. When we believe our well-being is out of our hands, then it surely is.  I work closely with my patients, coaching them to feel empowered that they can and will heal!

If you or someone you care about has been suffering from chronic pain, please call Crystal in our Ventura office at (805) 644-0461 and make an appointment for a consultation with me.  Don’t let unrecognized beliefs block your road to healing and living a full and vibrant life!



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