Balancing Your Emotional Healthmakes the analogy of comparing the brain to a computer. As science discovers more and more about brain function, this analogy becomes more concrete and plausible. However, humans are more than just mechanically functioning machines. The manner and ability to recognize and process our emotions is one of the qualities that set us apart from other mammals on the planet.

Why Is This Book So Unique And Different?

Most other diet and exercise books are directed to the entire population as a whole. They put everyone on the same diet. My book goes into the four most common specific weaknesses that are responsible for the different body types. In the book, you are directed to the correct plan based on your individual body type. It’s tailored-made. This explains why some people get results with certain diets and others do NOT.




The basic concept behind probiotics is that your body is host to microorganisms or bacteria known as gut flora that are essential to your health.  Substances containing these microbes can be taken as a way to improve your beneficial microbial population.  Probiotics have become an important part of nutrition because our microbial populations have been altered by the use of antibiotics and other substances that are designed to kill germs and disease.  While practices, such as antibiotics, are effective at killing germs and disease, they are also effective in killing your beneficial bacteria. By introducing friendly microbes to your gut flora you can strengthen your resident micro flora.  Although probiotics have not proven to be effective at taking up residence themselves, they can strengthen your resident friendly microbes over a period of time.  A healthy lower intestine should contain at least 85% friendly bacteria to prevent the over colonization of disease causing micro-organisms like E. coli and salmonella. Our colon can maintain its health with 15% unfriendly bacteria, if the body contains at least 85% probiotic friendly bacteria. Most people have this percentage reversed. As you can see the need of probiotics is becoming more aware across the country today.

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