Energy Healing for Children with Autism

By Dr. Michael Roth


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There is an exciting and effective new approach to helping children with autism and it is a modality I have used in my holistic chiropractic practice for years! It is called NMT (Neuromodulation Technique) and is a branch of energy work called informational medicine.

NMT is a type of energetic healing best described as informational medicine, because it works to identify and correct the informational source of illness – the confusion that can interrupt our innate healing mechanisms.


What is Energy Healing?

Energetic healing is an umbrella name for any therapy that works on the principle of moving the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to facilitate our innate healing ability. There are many forms of energetic healing. Some you may have heard of: Reiki, reflexology, kinesiology, acupuncture and chakra balancing.

NMTEnergetic healing looks beyond physical symptoms to manipulate the subtle energetic meridians in the body to clear blocks, repair and rebalance.

Trauma, stress, environmental damage and disease are stored in the energy fields of our bodies. Disease is the body’s way of communicating that there is an energetic block, our body’s energy is unable to move harmoniously. Energetic healing facilitates repairing the body to its optimal level of balance so that it can heal itself.

According to quantum physics, we are all made of energy, as is everything in our world. Even our thoughts and feelings are energy, yet like oxygen, you can’t see them. In an optimal state of health, our personal energy is delicately balanced. Internal and external factors like anxiety, limiting beliefs, neurological or biological imbalances, toxins, and poor nutrition can throw off our energetic balance.

NMT is a powerful tool to help the mind/body freely realize its potential to heal. NMT is safe and effective for all people, and particularly safe for the very young, very old, even pregnant women and infants. NMT is one of several cutting edge modalities I use to help my patients and I have found it to be highly effective in balancing many issues that families face when a child is diagnosed with Autism.

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What Will My Child Experience during the Session?

Many children may feel absolutely nothing at all while they are receiving energy work. They may feel a warmth or coolness, some may drift off to sleep, and some may have an emotional release with giggles or tears. Some children will experience immediate improvement in a physical symptom or mood. Others may process the session over several days, and improvement will come more slowly.


What About for Mom?

NeuroModulation Technique is helpful for parents who struggle with their own emotional pain and stress. The mother often experiences great guilt when her child is diagnosed with Autism. There may be an entanglement of emotional issues between parent and child that add to daily challenges. Because of the close emotional connection between parent and child, when parents are in balance, children will often start to show improvement.


Could Energy Healing Help My Child?

Many children benefit from energetic healing. Issues such as sleep, anxiety, and digestive pain are greatly aided by this modality. Energetic healing may augment other modalities beautifully. NMT is able to go much deeper to the roots of imbalances in children with diagnoses such as Autism and ADD/ADHD to help bring about much more fundamental change.

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