Tune Up Your Body’s Filter For the New Year!

By Dr. Michael Roth


We all have regular maintenance duties to attend to in our life.  The car needs a new oil filter, the air conditioner filter needs to be changed, we clean the lint filter on the clothes dryer. This year, clean your body’s filter, the liver, with a detoxification diet.  I’m encouraging all my clients and their families to experience the healthful results of a 10 to 14 day cleanse at the beginning of the new year. I do it myself and highly recommend its benefits!


Cleansing diets, or detoxification diets, have become more widely known in the last few years. They are considered detox diets because they are reported to remove toxins or poisons from the body that have purportedly built up due to years of unhealthy eating or exposure to pollution and other toxic chemicals in everyday life.

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As a holistic chiropractor, when I see in my practice a patient whose stress levels are off the charts, I often recommend that we start addressing those conditions with a 10-day detox protocol to help return the body systems to an even balance.


One very popular result of cleansing diets is that they help people lose weight. This is most likely due to a combination of factors.  During a cleansing diet, there is quite often a release of waste from the colon. This waste may have been impacted or lodged there for some time and its elimination shows up as a weight loss!


Another factor that causes weight loss during a cleansing diet is that the person doing the cleanse has changed their diet to one that contains more fresh fruits and vegetables. When raw fruits and vegetables are the bulk of a person’s diet, rapid weight loss often occurs. Fruits and vegetables are full of fiber and many also have low calories and a high water content. This helps the person doing the cleanse to feel full, eat less, and feel satisfied.
Besides weight loss, some other great results that have been reported after doing a cleansing diet are:


Overall health improvement – less achiness in joints and bones, better and more restful sleep at night, and more clear thinking (not foggy or clouded)

Dissipation of mild depression – For many, a cleansing diet has been found to restore a zest for living!

Younger looking body, skin, and face – A nice side effect many people enjoy after a cleansing diet is that their skin has a new refreshing glow.  Their appearance may be more rested, rather than previously haggard or drawn.

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A cleansing diet can be a great way to rejuvenate your body and have more energy. It gives your body a clean slate on which to build a more healthy way of life. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a cleansing diet, simply adding more raw fruits and vegetables to your daily diet will flood your body with pure nutrition. Your body loves to get “real food” to eat each day. So give it a whole fresh food treat often!

In addition to all the vegetables you want, the detoxification diet that I recommend (and what gives the cleanse its “punch”!) includes a shake that you drink three times a day, one with each meal. This shake gives your digestive system a vacation and activates the liver detoxification pathways.  I offer all my wellness clients my coaching assistance and expertise as they go through the cleanse protocol.


To begin your New Year with a clean start, please call Crystal in our Ventura office at 805-644-0461 to schedule your appointment today!