Is stress associated with health?


Is stress associated with health? No magical solutions exist for dealing with stress and improving health. There are several popular reports and studies on stress, health, and longevity. For example, in one such study of twenty-seven people in the mountains of Thailand, certain characteristics were associated with longevity. These people were all over 100 years of age, one was 124 years old. They ate a great deal of fish, walked a lot, and lived near mountains. They were also poor, and drinking and smoking did not seem to have any effect on their longevity.

Despite such popular reports and several research studies, we are not able to discover the “sure-fire,” or complete approach to handling stress and improving lifestyle. Hypnosis, meditation, exercise, and diet are not, in themselves, sure solutions. Individuals and companies may offer cure-alls, magical potions, and unique discoveries. Many such approaches offer little more than what one would find in a “witch’s brew” or an astrology chart. Stress management is probably best described as a combination of various strategies such as building up general health through proper nutrition, diet, rest, exercise, and other positive health practices; reducing the sources of life stress and work stress and altering one’s belief and perceptions.

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Your personal lifestyle for managing stress is actually important for preventing stress and improving health. Your personality and style is articulated through the principles you value. These principles are like your natural laws and are as fundamental as laws in the universe. If you want to be effective in changing the way you manage your stress and health, you must work within your unique style or paradigm.

Stress is not always a bad word. A world without stress might be very boring. Imagine getting up in the morning, not sure where you are and not at all concerned about the present or future. This is that lazy, hazy feeling where there is nothing to do and a low interest in anything.

We all experience some feeling of stress as we perform our tasks. Without some degree of stress or pressure to perform, there is little desire or motivation. A certain amount of stress, stimulation, or arousal is necessary for human functioning or activity. A moderate amount of job stress or arousal is associated with higher performance in work, on exams, or in life in general.

Low performance, however, can also be associated with stress. There may be an optimum level of stress that we need to be satisfied and perform well.

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