Book Review — “The Calcium Lie”

The Calcium Lie
by Robert Thompson, M.D. and Kathleen Barnes
InTruth Press, c. 2008, 142pp.

Review written by Dr. Michael Roth

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What? We’ve been fooled again? Nutritional theories evolve and change over time as science learns more about the human body and its processes. Dr. Robert Thompson offers cutting edge information refuting the commonly held position of the importance of calcium, and lots of it, in our diet. Through his clinical practice, he has determined that an overabundance of calcium creates what he calls “The Calcium Cascade,” a domino-effect of inefficient nutritional depletion that results in multiple metabolic malfunctions, including obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, anxiety, migraines, depression and hypertension.
Bones are not only made of calcium. Calcium is ONE of 12 minerals plus traces of many other minerals that are needed to make strong bones. He believes that we have been mislead by doctors, nutritionists, health care professionals and big pharmaceutical companies in the belief that we need more and more calcium. The simple fact is we need more MINERALS to create optimal functioning of our bodies’ processes.
As soon as I read Dr. Thompson’s book, I began checking the patients in MY clinical practice for the state of calcium and other minerals in their bodies. So far, 100% of them are presenting with mineral depletion and calcium overload! I’m recommending they discontinue any calcium supplements they may be taking and start a regimen of daily mineral tablets to replace these essential minerals in their system. It takes time to replace the minerals, yet simply removing the extra calcium begins to make positive health changes that are quickly noticeable.
I strongly recommend this book to all health care professionals and consumers who care about nutrition and well-being. Inform yourself and get off the calcium bandwagon!

Excerpt from “The NEW Wellness, Weight Loss, and You: Health Solutions for a Lifetime”

Here is an excerpt from my new ebook, which will be released on Monday, January 11,2010.  This is from chapter 10, which is entitled,” Emotional Eating and the Somato Emotional Repatterning Technique”.

You’ve learned a lot so far in your reading. You have acquired significant knowledge of nutrition and the importance of exercise. You know about the glycemic index and body types.  You’ve learned what and how much to eat. You know the pitfalls of dairy and sugar.  You’ve been visualizing. Yet, here you are; still overweight, hiding beneath baggy clothes, and hoping you have an empty seat next to you when you fly coach!

Why? There is a good chance you are an emotional eater.  Eating is the great pacifier for any number of emotional triggers. If you are an emotional eater the chances are that you will sabotage your own efforts to lose weight, as the emotional pull to eat is just too strong to ignore.  Emotions are triggered by daily stress, issues from the past, fear of the future, and your own limiting beliefs.  The key to weight loss lies within your habits or thoughts—your innermost beliefs.


Your beliefs about yourself and your world are both conscious and unconscious.  In my practice, I have found that it is the unconscious beliefs that block healing, block weight loss, and provide fertile ground for self-sabotage of goals and aspirations.

Where do these unconscious beliefs come from? Early in childhood, we start hearing and experiencing the negative or upsetting things that people may say or do to us.  These words and situations come from family, friends, teachers, even people who casually pass through our lives.  They unconsciously affect the way we think about ourselves and how we act and react in the world.

Emotional Triggers

Being overweight is usually caused by emotions we do not want to deal with.  The cause of the emotion could be a physical, emotional or sexual trauma.  We may feel that we need to keep the weight to protect ourselves from further assault.

Perhaps your mom or dad gave you sugary sweets or chocolate as a child as a reward for being good.  Maybe they left candy or ice cream with the babysitter to pacify you when they went out.   When you skinned your knee or felt slighted on the playground, did they give you a cookie to make it all better?  These actions, though innocent at the time, stay with us so that even as adults we still reach for those foods when we want the comfort of home, of mom and dad, when we want to be in a safe, secure environment.

These emotional triggers have the power to sabotage our healthy eating and dieting efforts time and time again. Our perceived need for comfort when we are subconsciously reminded of a negative past experience is a very strong pull and makes food cravings impossible to resist.

My patients have a litany of reasons why they can’t lose weight: a family history of obesity, no time to shop or prepare appropriate healthy food, no time to exercise, etc.  They find any number of reasons to let themselves off the hook, to shirk the responsibility and commitment to lose weight.  As much as they say they want to release the weight, deep down the weight is serving them.

Somato Emotional Repatterning Technique

SER or Somato Emotional Repatterning Technique is a method that I developed for treatment of health problems that are caused by past emotions and limiting beliefs.

I share a system I have employed with my patients and in my workshops to ultimately remove those limiting beliefs, thus creating space for new, empowering choices that allow each person’s innate balance and wellness to shine forth. I have used this successfully with my patients to facilitate releasing unwanted extra pounds.  This technique is safe and doesn’t require any extra device or equipment.

Read more in my ebook, “The New Wellness, Weight Loss and You: Health Solutions for a Lifetime”, available Monday, January 11, 2010!  Click here for more information.

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