Stress, How do I Know?

by Dr. Michael Roth

Flickr photo credit Bottled Void


Good morning!  Today I want to talk about some signs from the body which can inform as to whether we are presently under stress. When I ask audiences or my patients whether they are aware of being under stress, many are not aware. Because we are constantly being bombarded with stress whether from the fast foods we eat or what we make up about the economy, we have learned to become desensitized from the feelings of stress.

When our bodies go into the flight or fight response, what I call the “Grizzly Bear Syndrome”, our bodies assume a specific posture. This posture is activated by the tendon guard reflex of the body. When our bodies are in grizzly bear syndrome and we rotate our necks to the right and left, one side will often be restricted. Concurrently, when you extend your legs out and rotate your ankles inward one side will be clearly restricted. This response happens when our bodies are under stress, either from a chemical cause or an emotional trigger.

In future posts I will show you how to determine if the stressor is emotional or chemical and how to release the stress. I demonstrate this on the Belly fat and Stress Management Workshop DVD, which is a 1 hour seminar I recorded.

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